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Recommendation does not imply total acceptance of all teachings.
Some are brilliant in one area and not so in another. Do your own homework.

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Moral Capitalism: The Moral Implications of Work and Wealth - DVD
Hillsdale College: Introduction to the Constitution - DVD
More Free eBooks by Gary North & Company
   Here are a few samples:
75 Bible Questions Your Instructors Pray You Won't AskNorthTheology1986
An Introduction To Christian EconomicsAn Introduction To Christian EconomicsNorthEconomics1973
Beast Of RevelationWho/What Is The Beast Of Revelation?GentryRevelation1989
Before Jerusalem FellDating the Book of RevelationGentryRevelation1989
By This StandardThe Authority Of God's Law TodayBahnsenBiblical Law1991
Children TrapBiblical Principles for EducationThoburnBiblical Blueprint Series Vol. #061986
Greatness of the Great CommissionThe Christian Enterprise in a Fallen WorldGentryGreat Commission1993
He Shall Have DominionA Postmillennial EschatologyGentryEschatology1992
Healer Of The NationsBiblical Principles for International RelationsNorthBiblical Blueprint Series Vol. #091987
Liberating Planet EarthAn Introduction to Biblical BlueprintsNorthBiblical Blueprint Series Vol. #011991
Marx's Religion of RevolutionRegeneration Through ChaosNorthMarxism1989
No Other StandardTheonomy and Its CriticsBahnsenLaw (Theology)1991
Paradise RestoredA Biblical Theology of DominionChiltonDominion Theology1994
Political PolytheismThe Myth of PluralismNorthPluralism1989
Productive Christians In An Age Of Guilt ManipulatorsA Biblical Response to Ronald J. SiderChiltonRonald J. Sider1986
Ruler Of The NationsBiblical Principles for GovernmentDeMarBiblical Blueprint Series Vol. #021987
Theonomy: An Informed ResponseTheonomy: An Informed ResponseNorthTheonomy1991
Unconditional SurrenderGod's Program for VictoryNorthDominion Theology1994
Westminster's ConfessionThe Abandonment of Van Til's LegacyNorthTheonomy1991
Who Owns The FamilyGod or the State?SuttonBiblical Blueprint Series Vol. #031986

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Promise, Law, Faith History is Covenantal not Dispensational  
The Law of Bondage.rtf Can a Christian serve both Jesus and Moses? Why do so many drag an Old Covenant mindset into the New Covenant? Sons are not the same as servants! 38KB
JonathanMayhewSubmissionFull.rtf A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission and
Non-Resistance to the Higher Powers
1750 by Jonathan Mayhew
TimePassages.doc A collection of Bible verses that indicate time:
soon, quickly, near, at hand, ect.
by Michael P. Hays
MLHTs.rtf Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths - Overview
by Gary DeMar
Gnosticism.doc Gnosticism is a powerfully effective religion whose ideas existed long before Jesus.
It claims that mystical knowledge is the true way of salvation.
The apostle John, and others, wrote much to refute them.
This paper has notes and links to more information.
What is Preterism? Part 1
by Gary Demar

What is Preterism? Part 2
by Gary Demar
Dispensationalism is a Futuristic System of Prophetic Interpretation 38KB

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John G. Lake's
Writings From Africa

edited by Curry Blake
Paradise Restored:
A Biblical Theology of Dominion

David Chilton
Last Days Madness:
Obsession of the Modern Church

Gary DeMar
Victorious Eschatology
Harold R. Eberle
Matthew 24 Fulfilled
John L. Bray
Pushing the Antithesis:
The Apologetic Methodology
of Greg L. Bahnsen
Perilous Times:
A Study in Eschatological Evil

Kenneth L Gentry
Before Jerusalem Fell:
Dating the Book of Revelation

Kenneth L Gentry
The Days of Vengeance:
An Exposition of the Book of Revelation

David Chilton
Two Kinds Of Righteousness
E. W. Kenyon
A New Systematic Theology
Of The Christian Faith 2nd Edition

Dr. Robert L. Reymond
Jesus Versus Jerusalem
Joel McDurmon
Darwin's Black Box
Dr. Michael Behe
Icons of Evolution
Dr. Jonathan Wells
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
Dr. Michael Denton
God at War:
The Bible & Spiritual Conflict

Gregory A. Boyd
Satan & the Problem of Evil:
Constructing a Trinitarian Warfare Theodicy

Gregory A. Boyd
Defeating Darwinism
by Opening Minds

Phillip E. Johnson
Shattering the Myths
of Darwinism

Richard Milton
Buried Alive
Dr. Jack Cuozzo
Not By Chance
Dr. Lee Spetner
One with God: Salvation
as Deification and Justification

Veli-Matti Karkkainen
The New Tolerance
Josh McDowell
The Church of Liberalism

Ann Coulter

Institute for Creation Research Revolution Against Evolution (many articles) John G. Lake Ministries
Creation Research Society Evolution Deceit
Dr. Kent Hovind Creation Safaris
Dr. Robert Gentry Christian Answers American Vision
Answers in Genesis Internet Christian Library
Northwest Creation Network (get ppt files) Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia Creation Ministries International
True Origins   More Creation Organizations

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